Earth | Native

by Conquer Everest

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released June 27, 2015

produced, mixed & mastered by Nick Nodurft @ Rusty Sun Audio | Parker, CO
engineered by Nick Nordurft & Patrick Downey
art by Brennan Gallegos & Patrick Downey



all rights reserved


Conquer Everest Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Dead Tree
pushing forth through my vengeance | searching for the grace to speak | sitting beneath the shaded trees | speaking of life and how we breathe | while crushing hopes and killing dreams | if death is innocence | let me stop you before you speak another word | then kill us | kill us all right now | bury us in the ground | if death is innocence life can’t be too far | breathe the salt from the sea | spend misty mornings beneath the dead tree | long before we came to speak i saw the sorrow in what you seek | through all the lies you’ve failed to keep i saw your poision eat through the leaves | how could you | sitting beneath a dying tree speaking of life and how we breathe | through all the lies you’ve failed to keep i saw your poision eat through the leaves
Track Name: Thieves
these words you gave us I'd die for the love it offers me | these heroes you've sent us I'd die to know my friends | always with weapons we sing praise or curse the sky | always our progress stopped by the drawn lines | throw away the life they've promised you | you've lived their lies yet let them punish truth for you | you've climbed from the bottom never to reach the peaks you've offered me | risen above us where our hearts can no longer love your society or what you've made of our hopes and dreams | so we've bled, we've died, we've killed for you | i'd die for the truth
Track Name: Blinded By Sight
at it again keep these restless hearts from beating, pleading for truth | i guess that the winds will push me to where i want to be like a vessel destined for the shore | and i just hope that the Stars can still be seen and the gentle glow will keep me warm | i’d give my life to save it and i'm ashamed to say but the war burns inside my heart every day | and the gentle glow will keep me warm as long as the stars can still be seen | if we're meant to make a crater then the impact should of been greater | should i run away or should i stand tall and fight through the pain or slowly slip away | and i hope the stars come
Track Name: Grace
as i'm searching through the darkness i cannot find your face | everywhere i search in vein | i will never see your breath upon this earth | for you left so long ago | everywhere i look i can’t seem to find | everywhere i'm searching for the fucking reasons why you had to leave us all behind | i will always remember your sweetness in my dreams | and tho your voice now haunts me through your silent screams | i will always remember the beauty of this place | tho your life's now left us we take comfort in your grace
Track Name: Ashes
a million times i felt the flames biting at my feet | to quench this ground it would take a crown to flood all that i see | it's not that i am vengeful i just feel alive | i’ve spent my years wondering searching for a way | i've spent my years wondering searching for a place | all these years you've left from me i could never replace | when the line ends we all levitate | and if my only purpose was a crater then the impact should have been much greater | i'm so sick yet you want me to take the blame | we’re all slaves living day by day | but you have fought far too long | count your blessings, come as they may | devils trade our souls away | my heart of stone sinking in the river | coming from the gates you may never find me hidden in the waves | can you raise me from the bottom of your sea?
Track Name: Burning Bridges
you can keep all you cherish disguised in repentance but that's all up to you | can you feel me? | i can't change who you claim to be | so desperate so calloused | as we crusade into the night minds sharp but blind to the sight blind to the son | searching for the answers always to the questions | i'm watching the flames burn down again | old broken bridges that could never mend | i’m watching the flames turn the night bright again | pray for the rains to come and end | i can't fight the flames they’re drawing nearer to me | every second we sleep hell creeps closer to me | for every second we are asleep is another second of defeat | i was the one who set it on fire| i was the one screaming your name | i was the one no need to look back now | i was the one these flames will always remain | I was the one that set it ablaze | i was no need to look farther | i was the one who cried out your name | every second we are asleep is another second of defeat
Track Name: Rosa Sharks
always search, searching for | we’re all rows of sharks | devils here which part of me is it you've come for | so typical | wounded in the shallows but you’re so typical | i can't find the rage to rip you from the break | this is the wave that will pull us down | so we became lifeless prey | i've watched my brothers wash away | counting souls | i've watched this world drown in fear | no more highest road pull us all ashore | we all live in peril | rows of sharks
Track Name: Trust
close your eyes and hold my hand | i walk you run never leave my side | trust i won’t lead you blind
Track Name: Cold December
i will remember that cold december day | you were supposed to raise me to be a man instead you left us all with blood on our hands | blood on broken hands | the moment you left you knew it could never be the same | left in the wilderness to fight on my own with broken vision searching for a home | for all the years we've let waste away and every promise you never should have made | you were supposed to teach me to speak wise words instead you left me breathless lost amongst the herd | one thing i'll take away i'll take away form this | who knows if you never left | could I reach out and find what's best for you and me? | left me in the wilderness to fight for my own | with every promise you should have made to me | your voice it reeks of hope | spreading rage in me our hearts have been deceived | you were supposed to teach me to love like you instead you left me angry hating all I do | our hearts have been deceived filled with broken dreams
Track Name: Shoreline
lost in the wake of irony bound by chains of pride | the shoreline shows the envy of those lost with wild eyes | the claw marks on the surface will turn to dust with death | the wounds inside will linger on until our second breath | always searching, always asking | always searching for the truth | for your truth | for the life you promised me | all along we showed our envy till we were becoming the things that we fear the most | all along we showed our envy can you not separate your self from the path you choose | all along we showed our envy instead of forgetting the lies we were never told
Track Name: Imposter
i fear we’re already gone | we march our heels to the rhythm of the bells | through all of this struggle I have failed to reach out and follow the voice that calls me to the truth | follow the heroes | walk into the fire and set your self ablaze | sometimes the truth is more painful then the flames | for all the lies they'll never preach and all the peaks we have failed to reach | look inside yourself and then find the meaning of this | to find the peace you seek and words to speak | the wolves lead us to slaughter again | prepare your hearts before the end of days | follow the light before it fades away | darkness takes its place dressed as shepherds leading you home | following like sheep seeking shelter from the storm
Track Name: Truman
our loss | the ground gave way beneath my feet | building our foundations on others hopes and dreams | pushing our agenda through their silent screams | all our life we claim what we can while bringing suffering through our bloody hands | our dreams echo their screams | i'll stand alone | stand up and fight for justice | how can we breathe the air knowing the burdens we chose not to bear? | i stand alone through this violent storm | I stand alone with the burdens I now own | i can't just stand by and watch my brothers die | life is freedom