The Sonder Ledge

by Conquer Everest

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released April 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Conquer Everest Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Dear Shadows
Dear shadows, now you know it all, all the folly of a fight with a common wrong or right | The innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time | Arise and bid me strike a match and strike another till time catch | Should the conflagration climb, run till all the sages know | We the great gazebo built, they convicted us of guilt | Bid me strike a match and blow
Track Name: Beware of Yetis
They call it sanctuary | I call it sanctuary | We cry out sanctuary | My god is sanctuary | But all I see is fear | Oh no, a calming fear, end now | Hands wore down to the bone digging these shallow graves | Your hands, I can feel them well underneath my skin healing what’s left of these lifeless bones | Miles from the storm | Can't you feel the driving rain against your face | Can't you see the horrors underneath these veins | Conquered in how we always came | How could the harvest to the crows? | How could you leave me? | Miles from your storm | Relentless love
Track Name: Knightlife
Go | Now I can’t see these horizons rolling in this flak | All I see, reality | The thoughts that will all burn for | You brought this upon us | We’re all dead men | Your heartbeat beats with the world of the damned | Rise | In these canyons rivers have run dry like my sympathy for you and I | How can we be so fucking blind? | We’ll rot | Breathe, until you see | Lair coming for my life | Tell my son your eyes | They’ll all be underground | Just bury me in this ground | Where these feet go nowhere | Take me somewhere | Somewhere far from here
Track Name: Victory is Such a Lonely Word
How could we crawl down this road? | Always in circles, counting bodies as the hours go | Coming to you | Into the torrent | Against the current | My body is clawing for the shore | All these words I speak bury me again in time | All these words you speak bury me in anger as these walls break free from me | I cannot scream | Though I have tried a thousand times | How can they profit? | You crawling from true shelter | Oh hear me, we are the body of love | We are creation | We are the body of love | We all fall | And He could fill these rivers with the blood we’ve spilled | Red torrents rising beneath me | All I know burned to the ground
Track Name: The Lighthouse
Oh right before dawn reached for our hand | We turned to jump back in again | Into the night we flee for our life | No passage in this darkness | These burning wings are all that light our way home | We try to fight our way back home through this valley | Here I stand beneath this hill and these flames | Our wings will raze this forest to the ground | Burning wings reached out | Lust creates this pride | This is all of me | I always let these ghosts through these hollow bones | Quench this, bleed this hell dry | I’ve always felt this way | Letting these ghosts reach in | Floating away again into the times of sin | Wishing you would find me again | Lost in times of sin | Will you find me again?
Track Name: Flight for Life
I can't understand any of these things that you’ve spoken to me | Falling in and out of my dreams | I cannot see | I do not believe anything that you say | Whisper lies to me | All of these nights I lay awake wondering where you might be if I left you to dream | Always falling under | Always pulling away from me | My eyes cant seek these things you’ve burnt into my heart | All of these nights I lay awake wondering | Counting the stars as they fall from the sky | Wonder how we falling so far | When we hit the ground there's no turning back | Now our wings are gone our paths part ways | Staring into a winter's gaze through a summer's haze | With your cold eyes upon me, how could I ever be free? | Here we go again | Backs against the wind | And you better believe this is a war we surely cannot win | We’ll give every breath to regain our wings again | Always pulling away from me
Track Name: Cure Them Like Animals
Prepare for battle | The beast draws near | Sharpened tongues, our weapons | These village walls, they will not fall | We will not cower in fear | This animosity is killing me | Vengeance has filled my bones and I can feel them breaking on these blood thirsty walls | How did we lose control? | Deeds of the hearts of men | I think you far underestimated my capabilities | I think you’ll search but you’ll never find a cure for your disease | These roots have been destroyed | There is no cure for you or your disease | It has revenged everything that I have ever known | My mind will never fall to the enemy | Not ever again | As long as my heart doesn’t let him in, though my flesh already has
Track Name: I Won't Kill You While the Sun is Up
When waters come reap the seeds we've sewn | When the waters come to reap | When standing in this storm where the sun shines no more | Lost in all we are in this darkened hour | Virtue is such a viscous characteristic | Cannibalistic | We're all but flesh and bone destroying this home | To the mountain peaks we climb | Through this darkness we reach forth to higher peaks | We climb, we scream for the sun to shine and dry this wave from me now | On this hill we stand tall through the flood
Track Name: Dark Forests
Standing to this violent breeze coming like a ghost | How can we grow beneath this wave of uncertainty? | When will this burn cut me down? | Love, I’m coming for your life | God said don’t die, so tell me, where’s your souls? | All my life, strip it from me | Love means for eternity | All I have, take it from me | Justice is served in the flames | Find these eyes | Will you god come to find me in this wave? | Cause I could never find my way again | You came now rip me from these roots I’ve grown | God come plant me somewhere