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The Sonder Ledge 2​.​0

by Conquer Everest

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I can't understand any of these things That you’ve spoken to me Falling in and out of my dreams, I cannot see I do not believe anything that you say Whisper lies to me All of these nights I lay awake Wondering where you might be If I left you to dream Always falling under, always pulling away from me My eyes cant seek these things You’ve burnt into my heart All of these nights I lay awake wondering Counting the stars as they fall from the sky Wonder how we falling so far When we hit the ground there's no turning back Now our wings are gone our paths part ways Staring into a winter's gaze through a summer's haze With your cold eyes upon me, how could I ever be free? Here we go again, backs against the wind And you better believe this is a war We surely cannot win We’ll give every breath to regain our wings again Always pulling away from me
Knightlife 03:52
Go Now I can’t see these horizons rolling in this flak All I see, reality The thoughts that will all burn For you brought this upon us We’re all dead men Your heartbeat beats with the world of the damned Rise In these canyons rivers have run dry Like my sympathy for you and I How can we be so fucking blind? We’ll rot Breathe, until you see, lair coming for my life Tell my son your eyes, they’ll all be underground Just bury me in this ground Where these feet go nowhere Take me somewhere Somewhere far from here
Dark Forests 03:45
Standing to this violent breeze coming like a ghost How can we grow beneath this wave of uncertainty? When will this burn cut me down? Love, I’m coming for your life God said don’t die So tell me, where’s your souls? All my life, strip it from me Love means for eternity All I have, take it from me Justice is served in the flames Find these eyes Will you God come to find me in this wave? Cause I could never find my way again You came now rip me from these roots I’ve grown God come plant me somewhere
Dear Shadows 01:28
Prepare for battle The beast draws near Sharpened tongues, our weapons These village walls, they will not fall We will not cower in fear This animosity is killing me Vengeance has filled my bones And I can feel them breaking On these blood thirsty walls How did we lose control? Deeds of the hearts of men I think you far underestimated my capabilities I think you’ll search But you’ll never find a cure for your disease These roots have been destroyed There is no cure for you or your disease It has ravaged everything that I have ever known My mind will never fall to the enemy Not ever again As long as my heart doesn’t let him in Though my flesh already has
Drown 03:31
What a beautiful disaster Where missing hearts haunt my bones Oh God I hate everything inside me, in this machine I can’t describe the pain I feel as I look upon this world Fearless I am not Can you not see what these eyes see? Oh God we need you to come down from throne And save us from this hell we’ve made for ourselves We will no longer hide in the shadow of our fathers Oh Lord bring your kingdom down Oh God these waves they are pulling me under Into the great abyss where I cannot be found Into the great abyss where I will surely drown Into the great abyss drown What did expect? Look at the hell you’ve made for everyone God, I call upon your son to save me from me Oh God we need you to come down from throne And save us from this hell we’ve made for ourselves We will no longer hide in the shadow of our fathers IOh Lord bring your kingdom down To this ground beneath my waves, beneath my waves
How could we crawl down this road? Always in circles, counting bodies as the hours go Coming to you, into the torrent, against the current My body is clawing for the shore All these words I speak bury me again in time All these words you speak bury me in anger As these walls break free from me I cannot scream Though I have tried a thousand times How can they profit? You crawling from true shelter Oh hear me, we are the body of love We are creation We are the body of love, we all fall And He could fill these rivers With the blood we’ve spilled Red torrents rising beneath me All I know burned to the ground
When waters come reap the seeds we've sewn When the waters come to reap When standing in this storm Where the sun shines no more Lost in all we are in this darkened hour Virtue is such a viscous characteristic Cannibalistic We're all but flesh and bone Destroying this home To the mountain peaks we climb Through this darkness We reach forth to higher peaks We climb we scream for the sun to shine And dry this wave from me now On this hill we stand tall through the flood
They call it sanctuary I call it sanctuary We cry out sanctuary My god is sanctuary But all I see is fear Oh no, a calming fear, end now Hands wore down to the bone Digging these shallow graves Your hands, I can feel them well underneath my skin Healing what’s left of these lifeless bones Miles from the storm Can't you feel the driving rain against your face Can't you see the horrors underneath these veins Conquered in how we always came How could the harvest to the crows? How could you leave me? Miles from your storm Relentless love
Lighthouse 04:18
Oh right before dawn Reached for our hand We turned to jump back in again Into the night we flee for our life No passage in this darkness These burning wings Are all that light our way home We try to fight our way back home Through this valley Here I stand beneath this hill And these flames Our wings will raze this forest to the ground Burning wings reached out Lust creates this pride This is all of me I always let these ghosts Through these hollow bones Quench this Bleed this hell dry I’ve always felt this way Letting these ghosts reach in Floating away again Into the times of sin Wishing you would find me again Lost in times of sin Will you find me again?


released July 24, 2021


all rights reserved



Conquer Everest Denver, Colorado

Five friends who unanimously share a passion for heavy music. These albums have span a decade of our lives. Conquer on, Conquer strong.

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